How to transcribe your Zoom meetings with the Authôt APP ?

Firstly, by using Zoom for your meetings, you will be able to achieve a high-quality audio recording. You will then be able to convert this audio ​into text and obtain the transcript of your meeting thanks to the Authôt APP.

1 - Record your meetings !

You have the option to ​record it in its entirety, or you can just record part of it.

2 - How do I access my audio recording ?

When your meeting is over and you have left the virtual conference room, ​Zoom starts converting your partial or complete recording. Your recording will be available in the following folder:
Windows C:Users/UserName/Documents/Zoom
Mac: Users/UserName/Documents/Zoom
You can record your meetings directly on the cloud.

3 - Get a transcript of your Zoom meeting

Log on to the Authôt APP to start transcribing your meeting.

4 - Add subtitles to your Zoom meeting

You can add subtitles to your meeting, should you wish to do so, by simply choosing one of the ​subtitling formats (.srt or .vtt) when exporting your transcript.